Download Link: http://www.progamercity.net/resources/darkboi-ver-0-2/60?sid=8bcbc31bf8e6f5de969daab800404606

How to use it:
-Open the game;
-Log in;
-Enter realm;
-Select character;
-Open "darkBOI";
-Click speed 4, then speed 6, then speed 7 about three times [Due to the game specification, the darkBOI speed hack sometimes doesn’t work,but if you click speed 4,6,7 as I said the hack will work];
-Press the big button [Left] to activate the panel with radio buttons, and then choose speed.




-AutoFood: when hp or mana is low
-AutoPot: when hp or mana is low
-AutoDC: when hp is low
-Attack: It attacks and with skills
-Timed Button: Hits button every so often
-Target Filter: only attack what you want it to
-Zone: Stays within a certain zone
-Statistics: simple statistics of predicted time to level
-Works with BOI screen minimized
-Supports multiple accounts, you just need to select a different name on the list and set up the options for that character.
-Crusade Quest

Download Link: http://www.progamercity.net/resources/file/227


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